Our Cancer Alliance supports a range of research projects. 

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South East London Cancer Alliance is supporting the delivery of the NHS-Galleri trial. Galleri™ is a new blood test to detect cancer, often before symptoms appear.

The NHS-Galleri trial is a research trial to see how well the new Galleri™ test works in the NHS when used alongside standard cancer screening. The aim is to see whether the test can help to find cancers at an early stage when they are easier to treat. The trial will recruit participants who don’t have any symptoms of cancer or a history of cancer in the last three years. Many people aged 50 - 77 in South East London will have received an invitation to take part.

The study is in partnership with NHS England and GRAIL and will be run by The Cancer Research UK & King’s College London Cancer Prevention Trials Unit, a team of cancer researchers and trial managers at King's College London (King’s). GRAIL Inc. is a company in the United States that developed the Galleri test. They have also set up a branch in the UK, GRAIL Bio UK Ltd (GRAIL) who are the main funder and organiser of this trial.

Further recruitment in south east London is taking place between 27 June – 16 July 2022. Please visit www.nhs-galleri.org for more information. 

A research project is looking for South Asian community members living with and beyond breast cancer and their family members or carers to join a public involvement project -- creating and making decisions together to improve breast cancer care access and pathway for South Asian communities in London. 

Together, we will:
•    Explore both the positives and the negatives of breast cancer care, from before a diagnosis to after treatment
•    Identify what the biggest challenge for the community members are and why they exist; and
•    Create and design solutions and improvements together.

We invite expressions of interest from:
1.    Individuals (aged 18 to 65) who are of South Asian communities living with or beyond breast cancer;
2.    Family members and carers (aged 18 to 65) of South Asian communities, caring for someone living with or beyond breast cancer.

We are primarily looking for participants in London, UK, but we welcome you to join us if you live near the city.

We hope this project will open opportunities for people to improve care for South Asian communities and make concrete recommendations for the NHS. Participants will also learn how to co-design with people and grow their network.

Participants are compensated for their time (£25 per hour).

Further information is available here

If you are interested in joining the project, please get in touch with Soh-yon Park via email: soh.park18(at)  imperial.ac.uk.

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