The Rapid Diagnostic Centre (RDC) is a service designed to help doctors and patients with vague (or non-site-specific symptoms) achieve early or faster diagnosis of cancer and other serious conditions.  

Rapid Diagnostic Clinics are now situated at Guy’s Hospital (Southwark), Princess Royal University Hospital (Orpington) and Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Woolwich). To date the RDC clinics have seen over 5500 patients.

Patients with symptoms such as unexplained weight loss, fatigue, unexplained pain and concerning non-specific blood tests can be referred to the clinic. Prior to the introduction of RDC patients may have been referred to numerous specialists before reaching a diagnosis, the introduction of the RDC has given GPs and hospital doctors an accessible route for investigation of patients with vague symptoms and lead to earlier diagnosis.

The RDC servces all boroughs in south east London and has bases in Guy’s Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital and a site in Queen Elizabeth Hospital will open in August 2022.

Referral forms to the RDC can be found on DXS and EMIS. They are also available on the provider websites. Referrals can be made using ERS and searching for non-site specific symptoms under two week wait.

The RDC (NSS) mandatory triage test order set can be found in TQuest under Non Specific Symptoms 2ww.

Triage will occur within seven days of referral.

The Centre sees a cancer conversion rate of 8% with an average time to diagnosis of 21 days. Initial analysis finds that 40% of cancers are diagnosed at the earlier stages one or two. 

The RDC has detected serious non-cancerous disease in 30% of referrals.

The RDC also offers a comprehensive holistic assessment which incorporates both physical and mental health aspects.

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