Thousands of south east Londoners help the NHS trial a new cancer detection test

Published on: 16 May 2023

Thousands of volunteers who live in south east London are being invited to return to mobile clinics near to where they live, for their second appointment as part of the NHS-Galleri trial.

The NHS-Galleri trial is looking into the use of a new blood test to see if it can help the NHS to detect cancer early, when used alongside existing cancer screening.

Participants are being sent letters in the post asking them to book an appointment at a nearby mobile clinic to give their next 12 month blood sample. The donated blood samples will help the NHS investigate whether a blood test can help to detect cancers early before symptoms appear. The blood test works by finding chemical changes in fragments of DNA that leak from tumours into the bloodstream. 

Those taking part are all aged 50 to 77 years old and have not been diagnosed or treated for cancer in the last three years. Participants can book their appointment online or calling the freephone 0800 030 9245

The mobile clinics will be based at the following locations over the next few months:

  • Lidl on Old Kent Road, SE15 1NJ

29th June 2023 – 13th July 2023 (excludes weekends.) However, Saturday appointments will be available on 8th July 2023.

  • Sainsbury’s on Southend Lane, Sydenham, SE26 4PU

29th June 2023 – 12th July 2023 (excludes weekends.) However, Saturday appointments will be available on 8th July 2023.

  • Tesco on Acre Lane, Brixton Hill, SW2 5RS

27th June 2023 – 13th July 2023 (excludes weekends.) However, Saturday appointments will be available on 1st and 8th July 2023.

  • Plumstead Health Centre, Tewson Road, Woolwich, SE18 1BH

5th July - 13th July 2023 (excludes weekends.)

After this round of second appointments, volunteers will be asked to come back a third time in around one year from now. 

The NHS-Galleri trial is being run by Cancer Research UK and King’s College London Cancer Prevention Trials Unit in partnership with the healthcare company, GRAIL, who developed the Galleri test. The trial is also operating with the support of eight NHS Cancer Alliances across England, including the South East London Cancer Alliance, which works with local NHS services to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment for patients. 

For more information on the trial and what participants can expect when they a mobile unit, see our short film below or visit


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