Early Diagnosis PCN DES Support Guide

Published on: 19 May 2022

South East London Cancer Alliance, in partnership with the Borough GP Cancer Leads are pleased to share the Early Cancer Diagnosis PCN DES Support Guide.

This interactive support guide provides PCNs with practical steps to support them in delivering the Early Cancer Diagnosis elements of the PCN DES. The guide also includes links to support and educational guidance for primary care.

We encourage PCNs to download the document to their local IT systems and discuss the content at PCN roundtables and meetings.

The support guide and the content within this will be discussed at the upcoming PCN DES workshop which is being held on 16th June.

If you have any comments regarding the PCN DES Support Guide or would like to find out more about the PCN DES workshop then please use the content button at the top of the website to get in touch with the Cancer Alliance.

Download the guide as  PDF here.


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