NHS urges people with a persistent cough to contact their GP

Published on: 17 August 2022

‘Help Us, Help You’

The NHS has launched the next phase of its ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign, focussing specifically on raising awareness of lung cancer symptoms. The campaign – which runs until October – is encouraging people with a cough lasting three weeks or more to contact their GP practice.

While a cough for three weeks or more is probably2022.08.10_nhs-lung-cancer-symptoms_sofa_Digi_Screen.jpg nothing serious, it can be a sign of something that needs treatment. If it is cancer, finding it early means it is more treatable and can save lives.

The campaign will feature on TV, radio, local and national media and across social media, targeting men and women over the age of 60 - who are more at risk of lung cancer.

The NHS will also be encouraging friends and family members to ensure they are clear on the symptoms and can encourage loved ones to contact their GP practice if they have had a cough lasting three weeks or more.

As south east London has one of the highest rates of lung cancer deaths, compared to other areas in London and across England, it is important that residents are aware of the other key symptoms, which include:

  • Coughing up blood
  • An ache of pain when breathing or coughing
  • Persistent breathlessness Persistent tiredness or lack of energy

To find out more about the symptoms of lung cancer, visit: Lung cancer - Symptoms - NHS (www.nhs.uk)


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